Любому бизнесу нужны продажи
Искусство СОЗДАВАТЬ УСЛОВИЯ, при которых покупатель сам себя убеждает в этом.
Gerda interface is responsive. Now you can be aware of everything about the projects wherever you are.
We have developed an intuitive and minimalistic interface that you can get used to in a minimal amount of time.
You can attach documents and files to projects, boards and discussions to share them with colleagues.
Work all over the world
Fully distributed across the globe? Access discussions from anywhere and communicate asynchronously without missing a beat.
Get monthly reports
Reports consist of all the details and data that you need. You can use them to analyze your productivity or share with colleagues.
Use multiple integrations
Integrate your work with Google apps and different popular services. You can integrate huge variety of services through Zapier or API.
Чувство, когда твой продукт хотят купить без промедления - мечта любого бизнесмена
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